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Course Number - INFO1-CE9755

Wednesday - 6:00-9:30pm



The objective of this course is to teach you JavaScript as it relates to web page development. The course will discuss JavaScript core language, including JavaScript data types and variables, expressions and operators, functions, arrays and objects. We will also examine the Document Object Model and JavaScript event model, and will explain how you can use these to interact with HTML components to create dynamic web content. The course will also show you how to interact with HTML forms, and how to create, manipulate and save client-side cookies.

In addition the course will also examine Cascading Style Sheet and DHTML, and will teach you how to create dynamic HTML components by creating and manipulating HTML content through their DOM element objects. The course completes with some discussions on advanced topics such as jQuery, AJAX and OO. jQuery is a very popular javaScript library that makes coding and interacting with HTML elements much simpler. AJAX allows you to perform dynamic asynchronous communications with the server to obtain and present data more interactively. And OO which stands for object oriented teaches you techniques for writing object oriented JavaScript.

The focus of the course will be on the following topics:

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For non-credit and NYU Undergraduate 2 credit students, your final grade will be based on the following:

For NYU Undergraduate 4 credit students, your final grade will be based on the following: How to Submit Homework Grades are FINAL

Please do not negotiate for a better grade. If you are expecting to receive a grade of an "A" at the end of the semester, then I expect you to attend all sessions (unless I am notified ahead of time), to participate in these sessions, to keep up with the class reading material, and to complete your homework assignments. This will ensure that you stay current with the class content, and will ensure that you get a good grade on your test(s), project as well as your final grade.

If you are a non-credit student, and are not interested in a grade, or you do not submit your homeworks/project or take the exams, then you will receive a grade of an "NE" (Non-Evaluative). A grade of NE is final, and cannot be changed. A grade of NE cannot be applied as partial fulfillment for any NYU certificate program.

To receive your final grade at the end of the semester, follow these steps:

  1. Click on http://www.scps.nyu.edu/academics/noncredit-offerings/academic-noncredit-policies-and-procedures.html#Obtaining_Grades
  2. Log into Albert using your net id, at: https://admin.portal.nyu.edu/psp/paprod/EMPLOYEE/EMPL/h/?tab
  3. Click on "Student Center"
  4. Within your student center, in the "academics" section click on the dropdown: "other academic"
  5. From the dropdown select "grades"
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